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I dunno, you're gonna be draining a lot before you hit that jackpot. If you have the bankroll for it, I guess it's a good play, but still, that's quite the long shot. The optimal thing would be to get a team of players in there and split the jackpot when one of you hits it.
There is a pai gow progessive around here that is usually positive, and there is one woman who is ALWAYS playing it -- and I do mean always. Eventually she will hit it and have the last laugh, but for now she must be having a time of it.
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Yeah, its a long shot. I don't mind trying it in 3 card, but the 4 card is a bit out of my range. We also have a PGP progressive. I usually don't think twice about it. Breakeven is about $270K, and the highest I've ever seen it get is about $110K.
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