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Quote: Wizard

There is a conflict in terminology between that article and my sites. What they call "European roulette" I call single-zero roulette. What I call "European roulette" is single-zero roulette with the half-back rule if the ball lands in zero. Caesars has not followed that rule since I started keeping track. It would be very unlike them to.

A few days ago, I had a discussion with the pit crew at this very roulette table. Upon asking them about "en prison" they had no clue what I was talking about. They had no concept at all about what roulette (as opposed to American roulette) even was, and the most basic questions about roulette left them befuddled. This was in the high limit room.

Cosmo has a single zero roulette wheel as well. I believe they are both Huxley wheels.

Archie Karas plays every day on a Huxley wheel at the M that is double zero. Well, this is what the dealer at this wheel told me. He said that Archie curses him out every day about how he spins the wheel and that he doesn't want to hear sounds of the ball and who knows what..(??)

I have no earthly idea why anyone trying to professionally play roulette would be on a double-zero huxley wheel when there are at least two single zero huxley roulette wheels that I know of in town (Cosmo and Caesar's).

The only thing I can think about is if you're not doing $100 or more. But the dealer at the M says Archie sometimes does $100 per number, and sometimes does table minimums. He said it made no sense to him.

If I *had* to play double zero to get a lower limit, I would at least hit up a really old wheel (not a modern huxley) at a $0.25 table somewhere off the beaten path.

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