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Quote: s2dbaker

Meh, I think it's because Republicans hate America. Look at this picture. Notice who isn't wearing an American flag lapel pin!!

Remember a few years ago when Rush Limbaugh made such a stink about American flag lapel pins? Funny how he doesn't do that anymore.

Maybe Limbaugh did and maybe he didn't, but I'm guessing that, either way, you didn't hear it for yourself and therefore you're either repeating something you read from someone else who probably didn't hear it either, or you're making shit up. My guess is, you're making shit up.

But either way ... if a lapel pin is all there is, I'm pretty sure I'm voting Repbulican ...

Boehner Obama
No lapel pin Obamacare
9.0%+ unemployment
Lowering of credit rating
Increasing Middle East tension
14-figure deficits

Yup. Pretty sure.

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