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Quote: RS

Many moons ago (circa 2009), I was telling a joke in class. Think I was in 6th or 7th grade. Ya know, the ol', "What's a Mexican firefighter name his two fire hoses?" -- "Jose(Hose A) and Hose B"

After saying "What's a Mexican firefighter.." the teacher interrupted saying "immigrant, not Mexican" (perhaps said "illegal immigrant, not Mexican").....as if all Mexicans are immigrants. Funny, teacher was trying to be politically correct, when in reality what she said was even more offensive & NOT politically correct.

The bolded area reminded me of another Mexican joke. Why do Mexicans have such long noses? answer below

(they need something to pick in the offseason)
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anyone catch the national anthems at the nba all star game......canadian anthem, a woman (furtado) painfully slow........american anthem, black dude (ne yo) painfully slow

I win.
get second you pig

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