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Quote: Wizard

I don't disagree with anything you said. What I meant was buying timeshares at the full retail price is a scam. I've done those pitches three times, and they throw all kinds of math tricks at you. Meanwhile, I keep hearing stories about people who can't give away their timeshares for free.

Agreed. We've done them twice, and both times I've regretted it. I don't really mind the pitches; I love listening and hearing how the setup goes, how the hook works, the whole thing. I love watching the machinery of it, even the TOs (turnovers, to the managers). Sales is my business, and I can play along dispassionately, note where the guy is doing well and where he is screwing up, stuff like that. What I HATE is the time wasted while I'm on a perfectly good vacation. There is NOTHING you can promise me that will make up the value of half a vacation day.
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Quote: Mosca

There is NOTHING you can promise me that will make up the value of half a vacation day.

Sure there is. But it requires a pre-determined mind-set that you're going in just for the entertainment value of listening to the pitch - as well as the value of whatever crap they give you as a gift for having listened.

There's a thread here from several months ago, where I wrote about a horrifying time I had on a casino day cruise out of South Carolina. We got free admission from the time share pitchman.
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