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March 16th, 2022 at 12:53:43 PM permalink
Not to say I won’t ever play it, but Face Up is equivalent to being dealt a card that either has a W, L, or P on it (win, lose, or push). If that works for you then play it. The fact that there is ANY discussion about strategy is sad, actually.

I played ‘real’ Pai Gow yesterday. The dealer has a screen which tells her which two cards to put up. Our dealer was new and pushed her two cards up before looking at the screen. She was wrong quite a few times but rearranged them before paying off. One hand she made a mistake and didn’t fix it until after she paid, but luckily it made no difference to either me or my friend. (Only two at the table).

Later she made an interesting mistake…. She dealt the hands to the wrong position, but wasn’t aware of it. I won, my friend lost, and we both lost $1 bonus. After she scooped up our cards she noticed that she didn’t have either of the two up cards in her hand. Pit boss came over and said it ‘really should be a misdeal’. I suggested that since all the action was done, she should just let my winning bet stand, return my $1 side bet, and return my friend’s $25 bet and his $1 side bet. She agreed implying though if we were betting big the outcome may have been different. She was super nice, too.

Also interesting…. they recognized me from previous visits, and started chatting…. They essentially begged me to contact administration to ask to keep the place non-smoking, which apparently the powers that be are not planning to do!
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Regarding your first paragraph ; all I can say is that if you ever lowered yourself to play such an unworthy game, you will be surprised to see that at least one hand an hour is misplayed and the dealer either fixes it herself or calls over the Pit Boss to ask if it is okay to fix it .
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I saw an article where a tourist hit the $1,000,000 progressive on Face Up Pai Gow at the Cosmopolitan this week.

Good thing he knows tourists shouldn't play craps!

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