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I suspect it might be because my age is lower than the average in here, and my hobbies lie in a different direction, so I have an alternative perspective a lot of things. (And incidentally, I picked up a copy of Throw Throw Burrito back towards the start of COVID, so... no stranger to the Exploding Kittens brand either!)

You might want to take a look at: ...but be aware that it's a brutal industry to break into because, as you've noticed, a lot of the good ideas that are also marketable are taken. I think the last mostly-new idea that saw a modest success was High Card Flush, which was launched around 2011 (according to one source).

Utilizing 'universal' mechanics to put something together isn't a bad idea, as long as you don't run afoul of patents... for example, Hall owns the push-22 thing for BJ, which is seen in a number of successful BJ variants (Switch, Freebet, and the rather unsuccessful Zombie). Don't forget you can also remove cards (like a Spanish deck), or add them (Pai Gow Poker). Purely digital games that utilize mechanics that aren't physically feasible are an option too.
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Thank you, your insight is very helpful. Would you like to mentor me? I promise I won't let you down.
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No, the statement made by the freshie was that, there had to be an amount, when played through, that "guaranteed" him 97% RTP, on a game with a 97%RTP paytable.
My response was there are many factors that make up the texture of the experience, and the experience is programmed to meet the published expectation - that is, the programming is designed to serve the paytable as delivered - legally.
The variances that make one play session positive and another negative still do not 'guarantee' everyone gets 97% RTP, even if each person put in 1,000,000. There just is no number, that when put into any video poker machine, that makes that machine pay back 97%, on a 97%RTP paytable...

Unless there is? my question is, on his rather uneducated statement, is there any number of total bet that when fed into one 97% machine that has to return 97% of that total amount bet?

I was pretty frustrated trying to explain things like hit frequency as part of the equation, or that for the numbers to work out, over so many outcomes, to meet the stated RTP, one had to play perfect strategy, blah, blah, blah...and he still insisted, there had to be one number of outcomes, in the design, that when played to that number, one had to experience the stated RTP.

As a game designer, but not of video poker, we certainly have numbers we use to contain payouts, to meet the legal parameters of the jurisdiction, the paytable, the client, whatever...but that number is not something that is part of the outward facing design - it is used to force the desired pay and play experience in a game of chance, not a game of skill, so of I am out of my element to dissuade this person from believing there is an amount he could put into a 97% RTP machine and be guaranteed 97% of his total bets.


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