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I got honorably discharged from the Army for failure to lose weight on 3 consecutive weigh ins. I was 5'10" and 203 lbs. Basically any weigh in where I had lost weight since the previous weigh in reset the counter. If I was on a standard base I could have done it. I lost over 30 lbs. during basic and AIT. I was stationed on a tiny base with no mess hall, a tiny kitchen nobody ever used and no knowledge of cooking or nutrition. So it was basically always eating out.
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Quote: onenickelmiracle

Would the Wizard be willing to take the challenge? 31 pounds in six months?

For it to be much of a challenge, would have to make it 30+ pounds in one month. Even better would be something around 100 pounds over six to 12 months. I would take action on it, but it would have to be enough to make up for such a major commitment, at least $15,000 or something.

The health risks can be severely minimized: Cheerios has about 92% of the Calories that poptarts have ... just add milk. Exercise. Then spend a year or so with no fat, no sugar, no salt, no starch, and extra heavy on the kale salads.


I always wanted to fail the Army's tape test while being able to max the APFT. There was one month I did come close on both.
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I see a real challenge at 100 pounds in 9 months. As compared to the other "challenge " out there I see this as a betting opportunity regardless of starting weight. Yea going from 500 to 600 is easier than 200 to 300 it's still the same concept. Only difference is rules need to be set from the start with updates at predetermined dates.

Why not hide all the nonsense about caring about the "contestant" and make it all about the sport of it. Who is stepping up to take the cash?
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Factoring in the money one would need to spend on new clothing every few weeks, the bet would need be substantial.
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Quote: billryan

Factoring in the money one would need to spend on new clothing every few weeks, the bet would need be substantial.

How much is a track suit?
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