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Quote: monet0412

Bunch a bunk... go play low limit poker and order all the free drinks you want at your precious Wynn!

So this smart AP makes a C Note by just being a Smart AP and he justifies paying 25 dollars for a .50 cent drink because he made an easy C note?? BS ... I know a lot of millionaire APs and I see them credit hustle nickels left in the machine every time and they usually bring their own water to the machine/table. They ain't paying no 25 dollars for a Cubra Libra!

EDIT: If you really want free drinks at the Wynn you can get on a long list at the poker room and sit at an open table and order. Tip decent at least and you don't even have to bother with the list.

That's exactly my point. The sort of person who is *not* an AP (i.e., most gamblers) and who has the money to throw around at the Wynn doesn't care about hustling nickels or bringing bottled water or getting a free drink by signing up in the poker room and not playing. When you have lots of money, effective use of your time becomes more important than saving a few bucks.

Millionaire APs are definitely not the target demo for the Wynn. They're after the Millionaire or Ten-Millionaire non-APs who are willing and able to pay for luxury and exclusivity. It's a significant mental shift going from a low roller without much of a gambling budget to someone who doesn't care about paying $25 for a drink or playing 6-5 blackjack or 6/5 video poker (huh, never noticed that before...).
"In my own case, when it seemed to me after a long illness that death was close at hand, I found no little solace in playing constantly at dice." -- Girolamo Cardano, 1563
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Just an update but I played .25 DW at the Cosmo Sports book yesterday for about 2 hours and had 4 tickets left over and was feeling good. Talked to the bartender about it and she said it is easy to get tickets and they still have some discretion over issuing free drinks. Said the issue was people thinking they could put a $20 in and get 5 free tickets over an hour. I am not a fast player by any means and the system worked great. I ended up giving the extra tickets to 2 British guys drinking Newcastle and watching soccer.

Also note the tickets say they are good for 2 hours but the bartender said the are directed to take them for 24. Overall I had no issue with the system and anyone playing will have no issue getting free drinks as always. As for the pay tables, that is a different story.
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Sitting in Cosmo HL slot lounge, without even playing (e.g. looking at UX, with no money in machine), waitresses will stop by quickly to ask if I want drinks.
Never bothered with "drink tickets."

They have fresh watermelon juice (but have to bring it from some other bar).
I usually tip $2.

P.S. Long ago, Vegas model shifted to profits from 50% gambling, 50% hotel, food, hotel, shopping
Most US casinos are like Reno - 90% gambling, 10% other.

Slot hold in Vegas was raised +1% in past few years, and revenue didn't increase.
Poppies feel if machines are looser or tighter.
Many of the most popular Indian casinos have the loosest slots (in my experience).
-> Tachi (Fresno, CA) is an exception. Very, very popular - yet very tight slots.

Not sure how much of a causal relationship there is here (on overall holds in a casino), however...
Looser slots get more regular customers hooked on certain games, which makes the games more popular, which attracts other new players (think original Wheel of Fortune). Without critical mass, a machine won't generate enough RPU, and I've seen the same machine popular in one casino...totally fail in 10 others.

There is an art to generating enough ploppy interest in a game.

When the first curved screen games were released, most casinos did not know how to place them so large crowds could watch the slots, ... so in many places their performance was not that great.

With some bonus games, it helps to generate multiple groups who compete to get games (some who play very tight, some who play loose). This can get large groups of poppies, regulars, (or wannabe APs) who chase games which are still 95-99%. Ideally for a casino, plopped & regulars will leave very little action for loose APs or tight APs.

Seems like many management folks are making bad decisions.
...but gross revenues can be 40-45%, so there's lots of room to make poor decisions, yet stay in business (and yes, Riviera failed).

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