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Quote: MathExtremist

...If you want pretentious and fun, go to the secret bar in downtown Las Vegas and have a smoked Old Fashioned. They make the drink, stick it under a glass dome, pump in some smoke from freshly burning wood (your choice, naturally) and then after a few minutes the dome is completely full of smoke.

Like this?:
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Quote: sabre

Yeah, but drinks patrons pay for are even more +EV for the house. The issue is you have a lot of people in Vegas casinos that don't have a problem paying $20 for 2 well drinks. Going out of your way to comp that person is not in the casinos best interest.

The thing that worries me is if casinos start following Steve Wynn's route of not comping drinks at the bar for video poker play. So far that doesn't seem to have happened, but this ticket experiment at the Mirage has me worried.

They are testing the voucher system at Cosmo's Bond Bar now...grrr

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I like voucher, so I can SELL it to other players.
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I asked this on another forum but would like to ask it here.

What is the amount of play that is reasonable for each "free" drink?
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IMO, the "free drinks" is where casinos in Vegas are losing out on the most money.
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Here is an Article that I have written with respect to the subject matter. I hope not to be viewed as, "Pro-Casino," here because I simultaneously respect the casino's right to have whatever policies they believe will lead to the most revenue, and I respect the player's right to not visit a given house.

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This is exactly why I prefer playing at Off the Strip Casinos! I live over by SunSet Station and have grown quite accustom to it. Just better all around service in my book.

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