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It was an interesting story worth reading. I think it just needs an M Night twist. Sounds like so much expense and time getting paid nothing, the royalties must be a lot. Best of luck going forward.
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Quote: DJTeddyBear

In the Cutting Edge thread, Mission146 posted that he wrote an article based on an interview with me about my luck, or lack thereof, of getting Poker For Roulette in casinos.

That post is here:

The article is here:

Info about my games, and my personal contact info, is here:

Thanks again, Mission!

Thank you! That was a great interview---I'm glad you kept such great notes detailing the whole time!
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Quote: Mission146

Thank you! That was a great interview---I'm glad you kept such great notes detailing the whole time!

LOL. Thanks

Truth is, I re-read a lot of my posts about my games to come up with those notes I sent you. And doing so, helped me remember some of the details, which also made for a better interview.

Gang -

Mission/Brandon is talking about a one page timeline/bullet points that I sent him prior to the interview.

If you're interested, here's what I sent him:
Nov 2009 – Joined WoV.

Unknown - Dan's comment that he created EZ Pai Gow which gets me thinking, and I start pumping him for info.

July 2010 - Thread on WoV to announce HIA.

Sept 2010 - During my last Wedding Convention, I meet Dan who offers to be my driver, I also meet Mike, Rich, game dist. I also write the official WoV review for Imperial Palace.

Nov 2010 - PFR is announced on WoV

Sept 2011 - Cruise Review

Oct 2011 - First G2E. Meeting with TCS at Palms. WoV dinner a Bucca, BJ at Terribles

Jan 2012 - Intro to Poker thread which eventually gets turned into a WoV article (Apr 2016!)

March 2012 - SHFL announces focus group #1, which takes place in May. My game scores dead last.

May 2012 - SHFL Focus Group #1 followed by meet up at PT's. 2 days later, I go back to SHFL to see the House Money demo.

May 2012 - SHFL announces focus group #2, which takes place in June. I did not participate (except in the WoV thread).

June 2012 - I anounce 3,4,5 spin versions of PFR

Oct 2012 - G2E

July 2013 - SHFL Game Demo Day - I participated in this, showing the 3 spin version, by myself.

Sept 2013 - G2E. I talk to Roger. Wheels turn and we may have a private demo at SHFL.

Nov 2013 - Private show at SHFL doesn't have a good result. I post Dead End?

April 2014 - Rich tells me I got my patent

Oct 2014 - G2E. I see Football Roulette, which proves there is interest in a Roulette side bet.

Nov 2014 - My first Cutting Edge. Meeting at Galaxy, Friday.

March 31, 2015 - Galaxy & I sign on the dotted line.

May 2015 - Announcement on WoV that I have a deal with Galaxy (since 3/30). They're calling it Trio-lette.

Oct 2015 - G2E. I fucked up. Gary V agrees.

Nov 2015 - Cutting Edge.

April 2016 - Intro to Poker

April 2016 - Spring Fling.

Oct 2016 - G2E. Gary V steps down.

Nov 2016 - Cutting Edge

May 2017 - Dan dies / memorial / VV360-4

Oct 2017 - I skipped G2E which starts 2 days after the shooting

Nov 2017 - Cutting Edge - I do a post shooting hug of some of my favorite Vegas people.

Feb 2018 - Galaxy's Rob Saucier steps down.

March 2018 - Contract expires. Go fund me for PAC?

Nov 2018 - G2E. At Wiz dinner, I show him (and other attendees) PAC. Wiz says he likes it.

Dec 2018 - Game IP thread started as I ponder patenting PAC

Sept 2019 - 360VV-9. I show my ideas to Derek and Johnathan. Both are intrigued.

Nov 2019 - Final contact with Galaxy, at G2E to see Roulette Up, then email. They politely declined.

Jan 2020 – I get a good conversation going with Plaza about PAC.

Mar 2020 – Covid. Everything stops.
With no idea how long the conversation would last, I included a few talking points that were either skipped, or weren’t included in the article.
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