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Gold Coast shuttle goes to Orelans and then to the big wheel behind the Ling.
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Quote: Venthus

Oh hey, somebody else who also didn't win anything in that tournament (I was at like 505, paid until 500).

Oooooh, so close !

Quote: Venthus

I'd say that another upshot is that they participate in the decline-houseleeping-for-food-credit program. (Unfortunately, as mothers everywhere have claimed, Starbucks cookies do NOT qualify as food. Nor anything else prepackaged.)

I forgot that, to me it was a no-brainer to waive the daily housekeeping. I will see if I can edit my original post to add this in the + list. ( Nope, time expired on that ).

ALSO, I thought their cocktail drink service was very fast and friendly.

Quote: Venthus

I'm pretty sure my room had a coffee maker and fridge.

FRIDGE = YES, COFFEE MAKER = NO for us. So, officially adding some items to the plus column:

+ Fast, efficient cocktail service on the Casino floor.

+ Optional daily housekeeping service. We opted out for ~ $ 10 per day food credit. It was easy to get extra towels, shampoo, etc just by asking a maid in the hallway.

+ Mini-Fridge in the room.

+ There were 2 separate sinks in the bathroom area of the room, we thought that was a great feature.
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It is perfect for us low roller CET players. Free parking all the time, Easiest in and out as well. Biggest rooms for a low roller. Close to Makino sushi buffet. $25 tiles as mentioned. Near the strip but not on the strip has advantages. Nice pool. I also like Burro Burracho restaurant, and the Chinese Dim Sum restaurant is good too.
I've been staying at Wynn/Caesars my last few trips but yearn for my cheaper days at the Rio!
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"Fairly" close to Money Plays.
Video Poker, good music, great beerS, and a pass thru window to the Mexican food place next door.

Declining house keeping is great, IF your companion allows it. When I was getting free rooms at "the IP" in Biloxi, I didn't much care about housekeeping (except for the free coffee) but my benefactor always would order 'linen change' the night before so I'd have fresh sheets.
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Quote: Boz

Amazing how cool Rio was 20 years ago compared to today. Even 10 years ago they still had the sky show, a bowling alley, a top rated buffet and more quality restaurants along with decent for CZR video poker and comps.

Sad to hear the Rio has gone downhill so much. When I brought my mom and brother to Vegas around 2008, the first place I took them was to see the sky show. In the late '90s, that was the go-to place for the buffet.
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One of the wings only has slots and video poker, no tables. There are closed store fronts there too, so it is kind of dead since there isn't much reason to walk through.

There's a Smashburger on the second level of the dead side, but you pay a resort premium for the convenience compared to the stand alone locations.
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I agree with some that CET should sell the Rio if if they're just going to let it rot. It's far from their strip hotels, and I don't know how this satellite location helps with the overall business model. I sure do think they'll keep losing to the Palms. The two buffets at the Rios were the draws for me when they were good over a decade ago. Now that the Rios buffets have gone to the crappers and other strip buffets have up'd their game, I have no reason to step inside the Rio.

I had this very conversation with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, and we both agreed that even if they offer good mins of $5 BJs with 3/2 payouts and 9/6 JoB, they're not going to bring back customers.

I have an idea.

Things management should consider: Make Rio the first hotel to cater to the millennials. Millennials sure are not rich, don't gamble as much, but they will pay a mortgage for pictures of food, pool parties, and bottle service at clubs. I know some of these rascals and they are the perfect customers as long as you present the perfect bait. They may have credit card balances in the $20K-$30K and student loans in the $100K+, but their YOLO mentality enables them to spend to show off what they are doing on social media.

Some changes to make:
-They need a draw like a "wicked spoon" or "M Resort"-like buffet at the RIO. Make the decor pretty and food picturesque and they will flock.
-Keep the free parking: Millennials don't want to pay for parking to visit, stay and eat there.
-No resort fee: Self explanatory
-Put in slots and table games that Millennials like.
-Better celebrity restaurants
-Have free shuttles from the strip, but not to the strip.
-Make Voodoo lounge more relevant. They have a million dollar view, but the millennials don't even know what it is because of lack of a big name DJ, poor club management, and lack of exposure. They need to blow it up and renovate/rename.
-Renovate and spend some money on voodoo beach pool as a happening pool party.

Because of millennials Vegas businesses are no longer about gaming. In order to make Rio viable again, they need to change with the time.
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Quote: SiegfriedRoy

, they need change with the time.

They don't want to.
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I admittedly stay there a good bit when Iím in town. Usually free rooms, including some weekends. Itís much quicker to get in and out of with a rental car away from all the strip mayhem, plus they have free parking (self/valet). Table mins on carni games are almost always $5, and they are one of the few CET props that still have the million dollar six card bonus payout (I donít play the bet, but a bunch of folks seem to go there for that alone, based on things of heard from other players while at the tables).
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Quote: vegas

Gold Coast shuttle goes to Orelans and then to the big wheel behind the Ling.

"Approximately every 1/2 hour ē 9:00AM - 12:30AM"

Good luck with it though; last time I had to take that shuttle, I was standing at the stop which smelled like a sceptic tank for almost an hour and a half.

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