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Quote: SiegfriedRoy

It also doesn't hurt that they have the friendliest dealers on the strip. I once asked them why the dealers in Cromwell seem so much more welcoming than all those robot dealers on the strip, and they said the Cromwell does extra screenings in their hiring process to only hire friendly and bubbly personalities.

I've also found the dealers to be great there. Really seem to genuinely want players to do well and are sociable. I did feel bad for one though who wanted to help a player play better and basically informed the table that another player playing deviated from basic often and the player flipped out, went on a tirade against the dealer and left. It made it really easy to bond with her about how some people are nuts!
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Quote: MDawg

I gave one of the girls a rose a couple trips ago..

I'm pretty sure that's considered sexual harassment nowadays. #meetoo

You should have given her a Golden Monkey charm instead.
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I agree, the best dealers. I'd assumed they hire based a lot on personality but finally asked last trip and they basically said the same thing they told you.

They also have great drinks and drink service. BJ often $10, $5 UTH, and Mississippi Stud. It all combines for an entertaining experience making it my favorite place to play. I'm finally staying there in a couple weeks, hoping I love that too.
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Old thread but I miss this place being open. I was there when it shut down in March. Still friendly dealers and pit. I like their notch cut card as actually depending on how they angle their cut card, it can be pretty decent pen for a hand held game. But I think that it being the smaller boutique casino, it won't reopen until one of last ones.
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Wow, ya that's horrible. Where is this going to be located?

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