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December 30th, 2016 at 6:44:44 PM permalink
Quote: mamat

LINQ 3535 - cook changed her mind, and got fancier today.
Beef short ribs, dimsum, raw oysters, big cocktail shrimp, sushi rolls

Tomorrow maybe salmon & rice.

NO lines at LINQ (unlike Flamingo with 15 min wait)

What was this space previously used as? Your postings are the first I have heard about it.
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Quote: RS

Caesars (as of a few weeks ago at least) still has the pitiful seven stars lounge, if you can even call it that. Last time I was in there, although pretty late, had some chips and pretzels I think and that's it.

Caesars - Yep. Chips & pretzels is all they had NYE 9 pm.

April 2016 they still had lots of food. One of the servers said they cutback the food in May (or early summer).
He said spending had risen to $3 million/yr.

Quote: Boz

What was this space [LINQ] previously used as? Your postings are the first I have heard about it.

LINQ 3535 is an open-air bar area in the middle of the casino. It's not enclosed like most Diamond Clubs.

The food might only be for this period before New Years. Not sure.

Since there was a 15 min wait at the Flamingo Diamond Club a few days ago, one lady staffer told everyone in line about the LINQ 3535 club (said they were serving the same food, might only be 4-6 pm. I was told 4-7 pm, but no food today at 6:35 pm).

P.S. Heard today Aria might have a 7 stars club.
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January 1st, 2017 at 3:44:53 PM permalink
Quote: RS

Self service soda at Rincon? Is this new?

The DL in Rincon has had the self-service soda fountain to the right of the entrance, next to the popcorn machine since at least 2014, when I got Diamond.

Incidentally, Pala has removed all their self-service a few months ago, and Pauma had a big maintenance sign on their machine a few weeks ago. Going to check back if it's removed next time...
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do people really care about the diamond lounge, they are always crap.
its not even a decent perk. non of this stuff is ever any good.
even in the platinum lounge at the Venetian the food is marginal at best
the borgata titanium lounge is nice but I would take a restaurant over a lounge any day of the week.
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Thanks for this post from:
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To each his own. I like the option to drop into the Diamond Lounge at Paris LV for a drink and a snack.
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