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January 24th, 2020 at 7:56:09 PM permalink
A VERY lucky turn of events. I've been pretty crazy with poker lately and it has over taken my blackjack...hobby.

Anyways playing pokerstars and I get a "$5 casino bonus", which if youve even played and gotten one you know they really arent worth anything because you need to play through a certain amount before you can obtain the "money" they give you. Its the equivalent of slot play i am pretty sure.

I'm playing a $20 tournament and i decide to play some VP and started by playing double double bonus, but ended up on douces wild for some reason. Playing .25 at a time i end up with this ...

So now i have 51.50 for this bonus money and as you can see in the lower left hand corner there is a green bar indicating my progress to actually get the money that they gave me.

Fast forward I take that money to blackjack. Turn that $51 into $140 and when that green progress bar reached its end I was awarded that money.

I talk like this because I have zero faith in certain schemes within the casino, and as of this story I got super lucky jumping around and it doesnt happen often.
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