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Ok, I have some questions. I play video poker. In Europe. There are only 8/5 poker machines with a progressive jackpot. This one starts at 8000 It's about 8000$. I've seen that progressieve sometimes as high as 15.000$. You have to play max bet and that is 10$ each push on the button:)
I know all about the strategy. My questions are. What should be my bankroll to overcome the ups and downs?
And most importantly, how do you "professionals" play? Do you enter a casino, sit down at a video poker machine and play it until you hit that Royal? Here in Europe, casino's close at 3am and open at 2pm. So I could get a good night sleep. Or, do you play 3 to 4 hours, then go home and come back the next day or week, to play again 3, 4, 5 hours. And will you sit down at the same poker machine or another? I would like to see some answers on those questions. Thanks
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Use this, first, to make sure you have an advantage:

Go through and select the game type, payouts (adjust them accordingly), etc. make sure the return exceeds 1.00 (or 100%). But, 100% is break-even, theoretically.

In Las Vegas, when I play a progressive, I plan to play it until I or someone else hits it. In Europe, the best way would be to get to the casino around 2pm, and if it's good, play it until you hit the royal, someone else hits the royal, or it's 3am. If no one hit the royal, then come back the next day at 2pm and do it all over again.
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Only "8/5," Does that mean 8/5 Jacks or Better with what we consider normal 8000,500,250,80,50,40,30,20,10 pay schedule (given that 10 euros is max bet)? At reset, the game returns 97.3% --- IF the games there are fair. I don't know that they are. Do you? If the games are not random, it doesn't matter what the pay schedule is.

The game is breakeven at a little less than 8,800 coins --- which is 17,600 Euros on the machine you are talking about--- again, if it's fair. Is there any kind of slot club? Do they buy you dinner, send you money in the mail, or give you other goodies? If not, and the highest you've ever seen it is 15K euros, it isn't a positive bet.

The two best bankroll calculators are on Video Poker for Winners software --- and Dunbar's Risk Analyzer for Video Poker. The bankroll you need is based on your tolerance for risk. That is, if you're willing to go broke 10% of the time you only need half the bankroll compared to if you're willing to go broke 1% of the time. Keep in mind that if the return is less than 100%, the long term bankroll is going to be infinite.

So if you're asking how would professional players in the US attack such a game, the answer is "we wouldn't" unless the meter were significantly higher than what you indicate. A few pros might get on at 19K --- most would find 21K quite acceptable --- but exactly where each would jump on is going to vary --- depending on bankroll, local competition, etc.

Hope this helps

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