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Quote: redietz

Philosophically, I'm thinking some folks are missing the gist of this. We are down the rabbit hole.

Many things affect the outcome of MDawg playing baccarat. For example, consider if MDawg is carrying a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun on earth, which can blow your head clean off. Say he points it at the baccarat dealer and says, "I'm winning the next bet. Do you feel lucky today?" I don't even have to look at any cards, and I would be willing to wager that MDawg wins the next bet.

Now as to the consequences of winning that next bet, well, that would be up to casino security, God, and MDawg's private security force. But for the sake of argument, I could make a strong case that pointing the .44 magnum changes the probabilities. And if I were MDawg, that would be the hand I vary my bet size.

Dealer outwits everyone and plays faint. Drops to the floor and no cards can be dealt. Undercover agent happens to be having a drink at the bar behind them and shoots the kicks the gun out of MDawgs hand.
'Winners hit n run... Losers stick around'

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