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Quote: houyi

Lol, well luckyphow's post was definitely a lot more hostile than I expected. I'd point out all the mistakes in reading comprehension, but just one should suffice, as I think the travel report was a rather poor idea, in retrospect, so I don't think I'll be continuing.

E.g. Your "Any who don't like what you write are 'self-deluded nouveau-hipsters'" comment is clearly misguided. The self-deluded nouveau-hipsters comment clearly refers to a stereotypically self-indulgent NYC blogwriter, I.e. What I don't want to become. I at no point state that those who don't like what I write are hipsters, and I'm not sure how you reached that conclusion.

Anyway, I was perfectly fine taking criticisms to my work, but the personal insults definitely take the fun out of it. So, travel report cancelled, #failolol. I do thank those of you who gave criticisms to the work itself, though. It was fun for a little bit, at least.

I used to have a coworker years ago ( for the record I thought he was a slimy low life, but being a fair person I will always give credit where credit is due. ) and we shared a work station. On that desk was a takeaway coffee cup filled to the top with cement. Engraved in the top of that lid less cup of hard cement was four letters HTFU , you know barrister style. If anyone from another department came in and in the course of business with our department and they would start complaining or start whining etc he would reach over ,without a word and hand them this cup of cured cement. Once in that persons hand he would close that persons hand around that cup and very softly say harden the f##k up.
Keep writing son, if this little set back is all it takes to stop you writing , you’d better give up the card counting for sure. The hipster line is good , you gotta admire that at least. Oh here’s your coffee cup ☕️
Dont give a damm , if a hundred people on this site complaining maybe, but one or two. Huh
Oh what’s the hi Lo count on that ? Here’s another nice hard coffee ☕️ Enjoy.
Kind regards
Merry Christmas
P.s I really wish I could claim the cement coffee as my own idea. Please feel free to use it as necessary, but don’t claim it as your own personal idea. Thanks.
P.p.s remember to serve without sugar .
As a side note re cement cup after awhile we noticed an unusual high number of people come to our department and complain, scream etc. Some of them had no reason whatsoever to interact with our department. We found out after awhile that it became a badge of honour to have been given the cup of cement and staff had begun lining up . So to stop that anyone not known just got the verbal f##koff at the doorway .
Kind more coffee? regards.
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Thanks for this post from:
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houyi, I for one, really enjoyed reading your story/trip report it was one of the better ones I have read. I was really happy to hear that you wouldn't give out any sensitive AP information (-;

Generally, I dislike reading trip reports(especially when it mentions craps), I mostly just skim the trip reports, just in case, there's anything interesting. That's probably only because I have spent many years going to casinos.... winning/losing and encountering all kinds of crazy ass sh*t.

There are some peoples trip reports that I really enjoyed reading. Aceofspades trip reports come to mind, no matter how unlikely his 30 losing hands in a row were. (-;

I'm always going to read reports from the people I know a little better than the average member.

If anything, I'm going to criticize and laugh at how f***ing easy you gave up after reading one member's comments. That can only lead me to believe there has to be way more too the reason you want to give this up so easily. I really don't like that you are almost blaming and individual for decision.

Hell, if I was younger, single, traveling the world while APing with a nice bankroll, I would not even dream of spending time on any forum, unless it was absolutely necessary or I had a specific agenda.
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