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I made this post on another BJ site, in a humorous reference to trip mileage expenses. I though some of the members here might enjoy it, so I am re-posting here. My apologizes for the redundancy to those of you, like Lonesome G, who are members of both sites.
How about 8 cents per mile?

recent Monday 'road' trip for me: Caught the 202 bus not from my home heading east on Flamingo road. 4.89 miles to Sam's Town where my partner and I ate breakfast at the buffet. He being more experienced at life (old) and a member of the 50+ young at heart club, received 50% off, so the bill was $9 (comps) plus tip. The 3, DD blackjack tables that were open all offered terrible pen, so I played my $25 matchplay coupon from my mailer on a single hand of CSM blackjack which I lost. My partner played thru our weekly free play from our two accounts of $65 on VP, registering a $40 return. We then walked up the street to one of my favorite local places, Eastside Cannery (.44 miles), where I played 24 rounds at the DD blackjack game. This game is dealt face up from a shoe just like El Cortez. I also used my $25 free bet coupon from my mailer. The free bet coupon has the same value as a matchplay, just under half face value as they pay you a real chip if you win, but take the coupon. I prefer matchplay coupons to this free bet coupon, because with this free bet coupon you see the value only if you lose the hand. You have lost the coupon rather than actual funds. Saves the BR $25. With MP coupon, you see the value when winning the hands, in an extra payout.

Next we catch catch the boulder highway express bus at the corner heading north on Boulder highway to Boulder Station, 2.36 miles. One of my least favorite station properties but it is on the way. I play 42 rounds at the double deck game with one other player. My partner plays through $85 of free play (2 accounts) on VP machine, returning a lousy $45. Station property free play is broken up into 6-8 3-5 day windows, so you might get $400 in free play, but have to go to a station property, any station property 6-8 times during the month to use it. I feel like they penalize locals this way as it will drive down you daily average.

We hop back on the Boulder highway express 5.6 miles to downtown, exiting at 6th & Ogden, at the back entrance to El Cortez, where I play 16 rounds of DD blackjack, playing unrated.

We walk quarter mile to D resort (former Fitz), where I play 2 shoes at the 6 deck blackjack game with one other player, exiting at the second shuffle after exposing my spread. My partner plays through our weekly free play for our 2 accounts of $40, returning $55.

We catch the Max bus at the corner going North To Jerry's Nugget, just over the border into North Las Vegas. 2.2 miles. Jerry's is another of my favorite 'locals' places. It is like a step back in time, for those of us too young to have been playing when the years started with the digit '1'. They still have coin-dropper machines, where folks with silver/grey colored fingers are feeding a bucket of nickels into the machines. Very Entertaining! During this particular month Jerry's has a pit buy promotion where card members can buy $20 in promo gaming chips for $10 each monday, tuesday and wednesday. Between my partner and I, we have 3 accounts at Jerry's, so that is a free $30 bucks, 3 times a week or $90 per week. My partner also gets a free $5 MP each tuesday just for being 'old'. Old people get all the breaks. After we play through our promo chips at the CSM game, and eat one of the yummy $1 chocolate chip cookies from the bakery, we catch the Max bus back to Fremont street, 2.2 miles, where we change to the West cliff airport express to the lower end of the strip, which is faster than either the Deuce of downtown and strip express bus, as it travels the highway rather than the strip. 7 miles to the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Tropicana.

At MGM grand I play three shoes at six deck with 2 other players, about 63 rounds. The count didn't really spike enough for me to show my spread, which would trigger my exit, but 45 minutes of play at one sitting is enough. I don't like to provide too much info, so I exit. We walk across the street to sister property Monte Carlo, .22 miles. Unfortunately, pit personnel working this day, precludes me from playing a session, details of which I won't get into. We catch the free tram at the back of the property up to Bellagio . There is some walking involved getting to the back of the property and again at Bellagio, which I won't count. I will just add in the 'official .54 miles between the two properties. One quick shoe at Bellagio and we head home, catching the 202 double-deck bus heading east on Flamingo several miles (not going to give the exact, home in time for an afternoon nap. :)

Roughly 28 miles. The RTC 30 day pass costs me $65 (My partner pays half that), so the daily cost is $2.17 or 7.75 cents per mile. I suppose there is some wear and tear footwear cost, we could add in.

Day's totals 220 rounds of BJ (EV $165)
$190 in free play (EV about $188) turned into $140.
1 matchplay, 1 free bet coupon and $30 in Promo chips: EV: about $53 Total day's EV: $406
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God. This sounds like most days of my trips here. (I got the $65 pass, what a deal!) Not bad for a day's work.

Everyday I'm hustlin'...
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Despite the lack of replies, I found this story quite amusing. Good work J.
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Used to do the same thing...
Now I just put all of my play in at one casino and call it good...
Gambling calls to this ~>

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