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Quote: heatmap

im sorry but have you even read their website?

clearly states :

GLIís business is to test, review and report on gaming devices and systems against the standards established by relevant gaming jurisdictions worldwide.
------>>>Each jurisdiction has the authority to set their own standards; however, many use our standards as a starting point in developing their regulations. <<<<-----

they have the right to set their own standards. they dont have to use their standards if they dont want to. now based on this, usually the standards are made into laws if you want to enforce anything legally. So based on all of this, we can then say that if a jurisdiction DOES NOT have laws against, lets say setting up a shoe of cards into a specific order, then its not illegal and a casino can do it if they want. The GLI standards are a mere suggestion.

This is #FakeNews for the USA. To my knowledge every state gaming commission with table games is a GLI jurisdiction. Maybe a few would accept BMM in place of GLI, but I don't know of any off hand. They all follow GLI, if they approve it, they accept it.
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i only play when it is hand shuffler, I NEVER trust the machine shuffler. I don't care even if God certifies it (let alone some commission) and you know there are 3 billions people believe in the existence of God with no proof; that's how i feel about machine shuffler.

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