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Quote: FCBLComish

Every time I hear the Shuffle Master is Rigged argument my head explodes.

Your head suffers from "premature explosion."

You walk into a small illegal casino in Moscow. In the backroom there is a dealer who is manually dealing Mississippi Stud -obviously without paying any royalties to Shufflemaster. You sit down to play but are nervous that the dealer is a card shark and can manipulate the cards. What do you look for? If the dealer were to cheat, how would he do it?

My post was a theoretical study of how the game of Miss. Stud could be rigged by a dishonest house -say in a lawless or third-world foreign nation or a self-regulated Indian Casino. I specifically said that I am not claiming this is happening in state-regulated casinos in North America. I never mentioned Shufflemaster.

So many casino industry advocates in this forum claim that it would be impossibly complex to rig a card game with an automated shuffler. They always seem to assume that a shuffler would need to know where a player was sitting so as to alter the players hand. In my post, I attempted to quantify how much the House Edge could, in theory, be affected by controlling the first card dealt in Miss Stud. Its just a ding-dong theoretical study. Your head exploded prematurely.
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