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My worst session was playing through 4 decks of double deck BJ, so I guess it was 8 decks of cards total, lost every single bet and pushed on one, I could not believe how lousy the cards were going! Im glad it was just cheap $2 BJ. I went back a couple weeks ago to the same casino (Cal Neva in Reno) and I was spreading 5-25 a hand, got up about $150 at one point, but cashed out $50 ahead, not a bad run for my 20 min of nickel play.
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I change it up depending on how much time I have. Quite frankly if you want to make money, play poker. There are so many bad players and if you have the time just sit there and chop wood until you get a good starting hand. Pay to see the flop, play pot odds if you are drawing and just raise the pot if you have one of the top three holdings. Bail out if you feel like someone caught up and you really can't lose in the long run. In the short run I have lost my stack, but I have made thousands just playing poker against morons who draw or think that two pair is the nuts.

If I don't have the time for poker I will play BJ and count moderately. Double or triple my bet if the count is running high and otherwise just play the minimum on the table. I find that playing this way you never really get heat and can consistently win. If the count goes way negative I will stand up.

If I have a short amount of time or want to see a lot of action I will play craps for the excitement and constant up and down movement. I have seen guys turn $500 into $12,000 at craps in less than an hour and I have seen guys lose $500 in the matter of three shooters. Its fun and I play no bet that is over 2% HA.

My wife also quite enjoys BJ and craps, but lacks the patience for proper poker play. So I guess it helps that she is somewhat involved and having fun with it. Lastly I don't play any money that I can't lose. So in short, nah I don't give it a rest unless I am too busy with work. Its all in moderation but the free trips to Vegas and free meals at the local casino are good repayment for the time investment. As it stands now I am up over $8,000 with gambling and it would take me a long time to lose that with the conservative games that I play.

Oh, I would say the only time I backed off for a little bit was when I lost $2,000 in the space of 13 hands at the Venetian high limit table. I had just signed a big business deal with a company out there and the wife felt like watching me play for more money. Haven't done that since :)
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Quote: marangil

...the wife felt like watching me play for more money....

Whaaaat???? Dude, you lucked out in your marriage!
"Dice, verily, are armed with goads and driving-hooks, deceiving and tormenting, causing grievous woe." -Rig Veda 10.34.4
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This is the main reason why I like Vegas or other areas with multiple casinos in the same location. If I get a cold table I can get up, walk around for 15-30 minutes and head over to somewhere else. Just gives me a nice break.

The same works when I just got off a good table though too. I'm sure this is bad, but I tend to increase my bets if I had won. If I take a break after winning $500 and actually have to put money down on the table rather than a bunch of chips, I get the feeling of starting over.

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