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Quote: gordonm888

I said that an ex-employee of one particular Indian casino where I have played told me that the floor staff was able to adjust the shuffler, etc. It is absolutely true that the ex-employee told me that - but, no, I cannot really know whether he was being truthful. I assume you have no actual specific knowledge about this casino (it is in NC), about their operating staff and about what the operating staff does when no one is looking - and are just stating what you hope and expect to be true and what you and the gambling industry want people to believe.

I won't be responding to any more posts in this thread. We have thrashed this all out before in another thread.

Haha. Another side step. This is great.

I look forward to your next response. It should be interesting.
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Relax don't be a paranoid person. Your just having a bad luck in your plays. Casino won't do such thing your thinking its just all in your head.
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YOU'RE paranoid, the casino's don't have to cheat, they only need to open their doors and let you guys in. In all gaming/gambling if you don't have the advantage you will eventually lose.
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