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WOW Thanks was hoping this was true. All my money right now is tied up in perishables, food , clothing, etc
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Fwiw. I was told to throw in everything and the kitchen sink on the provisional. All alternate rules, (for example, maybe one version has a dealer qualifies, another doesn't) configuration, pay tables, possible sidebets, everything. I did on the first, then amended it twice as it developed, paying the fee each time. However, I filed as a microentity, which was only 65.00 each time. Couple.years ago now, not sure what prices are.

When I saw what the first attorney cut at describing it in patent language for the non-provisional looked like, I could barely read it. But they had translated my stuff into exact phrasing for the claims, all 24 of them. It was intimidating.

But I think it's their job to do that translation if you don't know how. It IS your job to protect your work by finding as many variations as possible to list, though. So, yeah. I think I sent 60 pages of documents in support of the claim. Their efile makes it easy.

The one thing that gave me enormous grief, though, was in my word and pdf document uploads somehow I had an embedded font in some caption or table or something. It rejected a dozen times. So be cautious about that; use plain text wherever possible. Send artwork or diagrams separately (they have instructions about how to do those).
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