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I don't think the casino rigged the machine.

I do, however, believe the current policy in Caesar's is to cut back and save money when and wherever they possibly can. This means exploiting and abusing the patron dispute process. They have a lot on the line these days, including the Terrance Watanabe case in which they stand to lose hundreds of millions if they don't get it settled.
(They should lose their gaming license, but they employ too many people.)

The Terrance case will likely change how casino markers are handled in LV. If CP loses, it's likely that patrons will no longer face jail time on outstanding casino markers. This could have devastating consequences for the casinos in LV. From what I've heard and read so far, they (The remaining incompetent boobs running the legal dept. that haven't jumped ship at CP) are trying to get this thing settled out of court. Gaming is now investigating CP as well.
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What kind of machine was it? I'm very curious about this. I don't know if not paying is old school thinking or not. I once paid a $4,000 jackpot that was a definite malfunction. It was a classic case of the reels not stopping where they should. Usually the reels don't line up exactly and you can see it. This time they did. Despite the malfunction code, the sign that says "Malfunction voids all plays and pays" we paid it. This was a customer service issue, not a technical one. Maybe if you have people lined up at the door waiting to replace the existing customers you can not pay it, but I doubt it.


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