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Quote: WizardofEngland

Wiz, This is pretty cool. But could you add opponent hand ranges, rather than actual hands?
I play a LOT of on-line poker and track how many hands each opponent plays pre flop and how often the raise pre flop.
If they play just 10% of their hands, they are basically playing any pair 8's or higher, Ace-Jack+ offsuit (+ means AJ AQ AK etc)
King-Queen+ offsuit, Ace-Nine+ Suited and King-Ten+ Suited

So if I had pocket 10's vs a player who plays 10% of his hands, I am 47% ish to win.
Vs a player who plays 25% of his hands I am a 56% favourite.

This kind of calculator is priceless.

Lucky for you there's one without a price.
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Quote: Wizard

The above is a good idea, but would be too complicated to program. Maybe in a future version, but don't bet on it.

I have a piece of java code that does this calculation for you, I can send you a copy if you like?
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Quote: WizardofEngland

I have a piece of java code that does this calculation for you, I can send you a copy if you like?

Thanks. Before I say yes or no, what specifically does it do?
It's not whether you win or lose; it's whether or not you had a good bet.
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Pokerstove is very good for holdem.

Even has a popup where you can select hand ranges visually(Others like pro poker tools you need to know syntax and type in the range).

I use pokerstove for holdem and only go outside pokerstove for other games(PLO and PLO8 specifically).

For those I use propokertools.com(it supports stud games also).

Other important math related software/charts:
This calculator takes blinds, payout structure, and stacksizes and spits out the nash equilibrum(using ICM) for a particular tournament.
Its only useful when you should be playing PUSH/FOLD. I use SNGwiz to do my shoving/calling range calculations as equilibrium is sub-optimal(generally). This calculator helps me error check and make sure none of my ranges are too far off equilibrium. I'm also inclined to stick closely to the equilibrium against other solid players.

I want to try to exploit my opponents, but I can't stray too far from equilibrium in a game with multiple players for fear of being exploitable myself.

The bible for HU-SNGs.

If you are looking for software/website that does something specific I may be able to point you in the right direction.

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