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Quote: Joeman

Back in the day, I had a monitor for my PC that was also a TV, and it had picture-in-picture. So, I could watch TV while I was playing. The best is when the WSOP would come on. Then, I could watch poker while playing poker!

That's hardcore. I don't think I can endure that hahaha
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As for me when I play online at home I can listen to music, but when I'm in a live casino I want them to turn off this shit. uff
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The only time I listen to music is if I am in the car with the wife, her car because my car stays on AM radio at all times.
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It all depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes I don't mind if the music is blasting and sometimes I just want total silence. I can't stand traveling long distance in a car without some interesting talk radio or podcast.

The Hard Rock casino could be annoyingly loud sometimes.
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