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For me, it depends on weather the table is loose or tight. If it's loose, I'll let the competition hang themselves. If it's playing tight, I'll steal the ante by going all in and daring someone to call me. If it doesn't work out for me, well that's gambling.
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Quote: chaunceyb3

There's a big difference between 22-66 and 77+ in a tournament. In general, with 10 big blinds or fewer, shove any pair. 10-15bb, raise all pairs and call a 3 bet all-in with 77+. 15-25bb, fold 22-55 UTG, raise 66+. >25bb, raise all pairs.

In a 100bb or deeper cash game, raise all pairs if first in the pot, limp 22-66 after limpers, raise 77+.

Basically this.

Quote: AlanMendelson

Wow, I was talking about this exact situation earlier today with another player.

In a tournament I had 2-2 and I was in late position. There were four callers ahead of me (no raise pre flop) and with four callers ahead of me I was not going to raise with a pair of deuces.

As long as you are fairly deep (>20bb) I think this is okay. If you had fewer callers and a 15-20bb stack, i'd consider folding.
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" So I called, and the flop came 2-8-Q so I flopped a set. I was hoping someone had AQ or KQ... just not a set. The first player to act made a bet that was triple the pot and I put that player on AQ. No one else called and the action came back to me and I was big stack and pushed all in."

Tournament is so damn different than poker. But it is rarely a bad move to get all your money in when you have the best of it. That's why you call with a small pair and 4 others already in. TO FLOP A SET !
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