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There are various strategies but taking advantage of inclement weather (wind rain heat) or something can help. The 3:00am AzCharlie session can have fewer than fifty players.
If its a very rainy morning, I'd head for an early session somewhere and hope you beat the crowds.

Its about a plus one percent game to a minus one percent game...depending on how the statisticians sneeze at the end of each year. So go for all the free drinks, free juice and free pastries you can!
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The Cannery 9 A.M. session has free danish.
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Eastside Cannery had some free Bingo sessions on Thursdays. I think it ended in September but doesn't hurt to check to see if it is still there or will be back soon.

Vegas.com bingo list

Don't know how up to date that is but might help people looking for a good game.
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At one time you could buy large numbers of bingo packs with your comp at the Station Casinos. Bob Dancer even played bingo then. They eventually put a cap on the number of packs you could buy and the big boys quit playing bingo.

I just went online and took a look at what Stations is doing with bingo these days. They have a free bingo session almost every morning at 7:30 A.M. You can check which casino for what day online. Ten games, all paper, all paying $100.
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