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Quote: DJTeddyBear

Video Baccarat? It's probably out there somewhere.

I HAVE seen a mechanical multi-player Baccarat machine using real cards with no dealer. I don't remember where. It might have been at G2E.

I remember this as well from G2E last year I believe......this was the one with a conveyer belt type mechansim that slid the cards along to a station with an arm that flipped them up to reveal them. Had card recognition tech in it so it knew when to deal third card to either hand. The mechanics of the physical card deal were very interesting, wonder if it got any installs.

Seems like a mechanical machine like this would be more "trusted" than a video version with an RNG.
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Yeah, that was the contraption. It was very cool, but it's probably a bear to fix. Hope they designed it so it doesn't break down often.

Now that I think about it, the shuffler / flipper portion was somewhat seperated from the players. After the cards were revealed, they would be put into the discards when the next card is revealed. I.E. It didn't line them up as "hands", only one card face was seen at any one time.

Players could watch the mechanical flipper if they chose, but they used video consoles which handled the game's "look". As such, this system could be used for any card game.

Basically, it was the same game software, with the RNG replaced by this mechanical gizmo and card recognition.
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Interblock is the manufacturer of the premier mechanical baccarat system...
I like to refer to it as the baccarobot...
interblock G4 Organic click on the video to see it in action..
Resorts World NYC is where I have seen this system.
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Quote: bigfoot66

Pechanga had a video Baccarat a couple years ago, but I don't think it is still there. Video Roulette is a staple of socal casinos, but I have seen video craps only once in CA, at Fantasy Springs.

FS got rid of Vegas Star Craps (ShuffleMaster) and has the Organic Craps version. Uses 3 dice. Probably the only way it is allowed in CA. stupid ass law

The Video Baccarat is still at Pechanga (well 6 months ago, I do not like that casino)
It is Vegas Star Baccarat by ShuffleMaster

It is a no commission version (The Vegas Star line I think came from Australia)
A Banker win of 6 pays 1:2
It also has the Dragon Bonus. (My wife and I played it for a few hours, it was OK)
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Hey how ya doin'....I'm up at Seneca about once a month to donate to the 1/2 NLHE games and then to take it out on the buffet LOL...though recently I've been studying up a bit on Blackjack and Baccarat....I mean there isn't much to know about Bacc....banker all the time...but with Blackjack...I kinda was hoping to find lower limit games to test out my abilities...

The Senecas don't spread $5 anymore really, and if they's like at 10AM when I'm working. I don't know about Canada.

I hear tell that the Racino in Erie has $5 blackjack all the time...

Anyway...I'll lurking...thank you all for the well.

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