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I also wouldn't be surprised if the three main male cast members have some kind of "suicide pact," where if, say, Harry Shearer decides he wants to retire or something, the other two will say, "Yep, we're done, too."

I suppose Kavner and Smith could be in on it, too, but like you said, I think they're "replaceable" to some extent.
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Quote: SiegfriedRoy

i'm watching it right now, and OMG it's soo bad that it's SOOO GOOOD. I got my popcorn out!

I binged the first season in a day. I really wish there was more.
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Quote: Wizard

I was going to be heavily featured on an episode of that show, however it got cancelled before they had a chance to edit the footage. Or maybe I was so boring they decided to kill it.

I would like to here details of this.

I was a fan of the show. I am a big fan of matt dusk
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