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OP: If you're playing 3x, put $16 down as odds. The house will tell you to keep bets even on the 5 & 9. Since you are at a 5x house, should you decide to play from the don'ts, just put 6x the dont pass behind the Dont Pass bet as the free odds. This will pay 3x for 4&10, 4x for 5&9, and 5x for 6&8. Might be a good play after the hot shooter finally passes dice.

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The easiest way to explain max odds on a 5x bet is can you pay that original bet with odds correctly? Sometimes u actually count chips and not the actual bet and lets not forget the odds are 6-5 3-2 2-1. The 4 and 10 go 5x straight up all the time can u can pay anything 2x. The 5 and 9 will changed on a $15 bet. You can not pay 15 at 3-2 because we do not do $22.50 on a craps game. Its looked at as 3 chips and 4 chips is payable so 4×5= 20 and 20 is what you can go 5x on so 5x20=$100 odds. The same thiing happens with the 6 and 8. They look at it as 3 chips and not $15 and 3 chips is no good. You need 5 chips instead for 6-5. So5 $5 is 25 and 25x5 odds is 125. It is a little confusing but when u get it u get it. Its been a while and i don't type so I hope this helps. Btw if you can count literal chips and not the chip value, life is iseasier, ESPECIALLY WITH color on the game. It's just chips
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