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Quote: WatchMeWin

Im not a dont player typically, but every now and then if I dealers tell me the table is ice cold and I see people losing their as%$#, I will lay either the 4 or 10.. I typically like the 10 for some reason. I lay the 10 and play the dont pass. Those times Ive played that way have always worked out. They were hit n run of course.

Just reminded myself about a time I played over 10 years ago. I was losing badly (because I didn't hit n run back then)... everyone was making about 2 to 3 box numbers then 7 out every roll. So I was down to my last 50 bucks after losing about 8K quickly. So I played the no 10. It won over and over and over and over... etc. I kept power pressing the winnings. In no time , I had 3500. I left the table and went to BJ and put it all on one hand. I was dealt 6,5 against the dealer 6. Of course this all looked too perfect but I still asked a buddy with me to lend me what he had. He only had 1500 on him. He lent it to me and I doubled down. Dealer flips a 3 for me and I was sitting on 14. Dealer has the six, pulls over a 9, then and ace, then a 4 for total 20. I never played BJ again.
'Winners hit n run... Losers stick around'

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