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Quote: pwcrabb

Evaluating the win probability of a bet after its Comeout toss is meaningless, akin to evaluating your sports bet at halftime. Your decision is already past.

I know what you meant, but that's probably a bad analogy. There are times it might be appropriate to do so.
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Quote: WatchMeWin

Quote: odiousgambit

BTW 5k is not a large bankroll to use for Craps.

The starting bankroll is subjective and relative to what your expectation to win is. Its all relative to % gain. If someone were only looking to win 500 and be happy, then 5k bankroll is more than enough. If they are looking to win 25k, well then that is a different story.

Maybe so, but it seemed to me the OP was taking comfort from the size of his bankroll. I would say it is adequate, too, but in his shoes I would still not be so much at ease [if he was thinking that]. Certainly for $1000 bets it was at risk.
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OG - Agree.

Triple19s - by any chance, do you own a hobo bag?
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