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Quote: FleaStiff

Is it here or at WOO that there is a thread discussing any special strategy for Bubble Craps.

I use the term to refer to any craps game wherein the dice bounce around by blown air or something and there is no human touching them... sort of a slot machine for craps to evade some California or Florida laws.

What California casinos have bubble craps?

Note that newer (post-2010) California casinos all have the revised compact, which bans any game that uses "physical dice."

Also, Sic Bo (and Chuck-A-Luck) that uses a dice cage also has "no human touching them"; are these legal in Florida?
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Quote: FleaStiff

I know the machines allow Do/Don't silmultaneous play.

A few years ago the Beau Rivage (Biloxi) had one of the electronic-bump craps games, and it did not allow Do/Don't bets just to prevent folks running up their player credits by those bets.

Then, the casino had a promotion where the player with the most points in a given time won (I think) a cruise & cash. Two couples commandeered the 4-seat machine, husbands playing Don't and wives playing Do (or somesuch), and they (one of them) won the prize. There were probably prizes for 2nd, etc. By each couple betting identical amounts, they played Do/Don't on separate terminals, but with the same effect.

Obviously, the casino was none too happy about it when it figured out how the folks had won. But, the casino honored the win(s). The day after the promotion the machine was (finally) empty. (I didn't even know about the promotion.) I found myself getting zero player credits for bets made on that machine. The next day there was a sign telling me no player credits were awarded on the machine. Soon thereafter, there was no electronic craps machine in the casino.

I wanted to play Do/Don't just to get the credits (playing solo) and couldn't. (Pretty sure I recall these details correctly, but I confess I could possibly be mistaken.) I didn't try Do/Don't betting on my Sept-2016 trip last month to Cherokee, NC, where I played its electronic-bump craps game.
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Quote: darkoz

But that variance is a killer. U dont want to tell your kids they arent eating this week because variance caused u to lose ten grand but dont worry next week variance will give it back and by the way we earned enough point to get a free buffet next month

Then tell them that although you lost $10,000, you'll still be able to eat the same as you always have because you weren't betting over your head you're still ahead overall, over the long term
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The craps-bubble machines that I have played give NO comp credits... Maybe 1 point every three hours.

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