25 votes (40.32%)
8 votes (12.9%)
No votes (0%)
12 votes (19.35%)
7 votes (11.29%)
10 votes (16.12%)

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Quote: heather

Really? I've gotta look into that; sounds fascinating. I can't imagine it as a casino game, either -- too long, slow, and victory is not always immediately clear. But maybe a simplified version on a 9x9 board -- hmmmm ......

I learned about the gambling aspect from a book called "First Kyu" by Sung-Hwa Hong
"Mathematical expectation has nothing to do with results." (Sklansky, Theory of Poker).
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Quote: DonPedro

Why no more hold'em ? I have been learning the game, hoping to start playing soon :)

Don, you are welcome at my table anytime.

Quote: DrEntropy

I love hold'em, and enjoy playing in home games. ..... I may be doing it wrong ;)

The beauty (and misery) of Hold 'em is that you can do everything wrong for hours at a time and win anyway. Poker is not like golf, billiards or tennis where the best player will almost always win in the end every time. The element of luck can bankrupt good players and lure the bad players into the game.
"Poker sure is an easy game to beat if you have the roll to keep rebuying."
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August 3rd, 2011 at 10:54:56 AM permalink
I bet !! :)
" If I had the money and the drinking capacity, I'd probably live at a blackjak table and let my life go to hell." Don Pedro
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Quote: DonPedro

What other games do you play and why ?

I play Baccarat. There is a cardroom in Seattle that gives me even money match plays on any game every Monday and Friday. If I come back again within 2 days, I get the match play again. Baccarat has a higher match play return than BJ (because you can't double or split the match portion). Also, this cardroom backed me off last week (I probably arose suspicion when I played like 5 hands of Baccarat and immediately went over to BJ). I didn't even play a whole shoe, or ever raise my bet! Anyway, I now play the following Baccarat to try and extract as much money from this cardroom as possible before I get kicked out completely, using the following strategy:

Arrive 10 minutes before the dealers change tables
Obtain and play my match play
Play through two dealer changes (approx 40 minutes of play), switching randomly from player to banker and back, or doing whichever the dealer suggests
Cash out

The 48 hands costs me about $.552 units, and the 5 unit match play is worth 2.397 units, so I get 2.767 units/hr.

I love it. Nothing like making money at a high hourly rate from a place that has backed me off. Btw, each month the match plays are for a different amount. This month it's $50, so 5 units of $10.
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Quote: DonPedro

What other games do you play and why ?


Other than WHAT?
"What, me worry?"
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Quote: DonPedro

What other games do you play and why ?

I voted Craps because of the low house edge and it is a lot of fun.

I'll play Pai Gow Poker early to get a few "free" drinks in me. It is a fun social game.

I enjoy Let it Ride basically because you have a chance (I know it's slim) of a bigger payday. I'm willing to sacrafice the price for entertainment purposes.

I'll play roulette once in a while for a change of pace.

Video Poker is as close as I'll get to a slot machine. I especially hate those nickel slots!

In all my years of going to Vegas, I've never played Bacarrat. I will try it out when I'm there next week.
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Only three people checked roulette. Roulette gets no respect.
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This poll needs to be changed to allow voting for multiple options. I personally would have voted for craps, roulette, and other (Caribbean Stud). I think if voting for multiple options was allowed, you'd see a more representative spread.
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I agree about allowing multiple options. I voted for craps mainly because it has a lower house advantage. I wouldn't necessarily play craps everytime I didn't feel like playing BJ.
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