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Just noticed this thread, I frequent rivers quite a bit. That being said I have played at almost all the tables at one point or another. On the main floor all but one of the tables the dealer hits on soft 17. The only table that doesn't is the only one facing the craps tables near the north entrance. Normally it is $50 min, busy nights it is $100 min. All the tables in the high limit room are $100 min and dealer stands on all 17, there is a side private room also that is open to the public if not in use by high rollers that is $200 min. As for number of decks per shoe, that depends on the side bet in play, all 21+3 games are six deck shoes, lucky lucky side bet games are eight deck shoes. Deck penetration is about 75%, dealer lays cut card length wise across the top and where it reaches is where the shoe is played to. When cutting the person must cut at least a deck and a half. As far as I know, you are only allowed to play two hands, and if you are playing more than one hand you have to play double min bet. Unless there before like 1pm the table mins are $25 by the south entrance and along the carnival games. Towards the north entrance it is $50 mins. They have about four tables that use a CSM which are located near the carnival games. High limit room has four tables, and the floor has about eighteen. As for card counting I have never seen anyone get harassed and have sat next to someone blatantly talking about counting and playing as a counter would, no one even took notice of him. Hope this all helps, also all tables pay 3-2 for blackjack.
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Empress had the best blackjack around, but the casino is now Hollywood. If I play blackjack in Illinois, it's Harrah's in Joliet. They have some hand shuffle tables and the minimum was only 15. The only other place to get a hand shuffled game is the odd table in the high limit rooms at 100 minimum. I've never seen a 6:5 table. They are usually 8 decks and dealer hits 17. I have had success at the tables where I cleared 2000 over a period of time playing a hit and run type of game where I was playing for less than a shoe and walking away at some limits I set for myself. As for backing off, it's going to be subtle. Either by bringing in a dealer known to expose dealer hands, misplay hands and causing a stir for the PB. Don't expect anything great.

Note: I haven't played blackjack in Illinois since 2009-2010, but when I go to Harrah's every 6 months I always walk around and look at the tables, and the information provided is 3 months old at the time of posting.

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