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My dad was a card player his whole life, he was a Gold Life Master duplicate bridge player and played against some world class players when he was younger.

When PA casinos got table games, he supplemented his retirement income playing blackjack. He didnít play every day, and he didnít play for a long time when he did play. His girlfriend (they were in their 80s!) would play video poker and drink free booze, he would play bj until he won $100. When he got up $100 (or lost the same) he would cash out, find a place to sit, and read the book he brought with him.

He won a lot more than he lost. Completely under the radar he took in around $5k a year. Not bad for an old guy.

Myself, I honestly donít have the patience for any of it. Itís too much like work, for my personality. I had a job that was fun for me, and would have felt like work to an AP (just retired). But find something you love, and youíll never work a day in your life.
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I've been flipping comics on a large comic dealers site. I study his auctions, buy when I see something going too cheap and re-consign the books back to him at a higher price.
My first attempt, I bought three books for $287 and eventually sold them for $402, minus ten percent commission. I may have put two hours into it. A month ago, I bought a book for $235 and sold it the same week for $400, minus commission. I "invested" about $5,000 in seed money and am keeping the profits aside to reinvest. I'm pretty confident I can get this to the point where I'm clearing a few hundred a month for doing nothing more than scanning one sites auction inefficiencies. I doubt I could scale it into a full-time job but a couple hundred a week for spending money while watching tv works for me.
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