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I was thinking suited BJs paid 2-1. That was what the Worlds Most Liberal BJ paid at the old Las Vegas Club. I played SF21 a few times and it was a fun game with various bonuses.
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Thanks for this post from:
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Over at bj21, references to 6:5 BJ go back to at least 2003.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the tip, DogHand. I couldn't find those references on bj21, but what I *did* find was a reference to this 2003 article from the Las Vegas Sun (which quotes everyone's favorite Wizard, by the way). The article doesn't say explicitly that 6:5 debuted that year, but the article was published in November of that year and suggests that 6:5 was a recent development, so 2003 is a reasonable assumption. A bj21 article did say that 6:5 didn't exist in 2000, so we've certainly narrowed it down to 2001-03.

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