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Some people might consider crying like a little girl every time you stub your toe to be broken. Your unimaginable courage in carrying on through all the trials and tribulations in your life should be the inspiration for generations to come. Songs will be sung.
It's what you do and not what you say If you're not part of the future then get out of the way
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Yeah but the songs will be pre-shuffled
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Well, you've provided a service, ZK; I'm beginning to understand EvenBob a little better.




pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune

Can't say I'm taking any pleasure in your posts or situation, but I can see the path to that thinking.
"If the house lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game."
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Quote: Johnzimbo

Yeah but the songs will be pre-shuffled

You win the internet today John! I laughed really hard at this one!
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Quote: ZenKinG


Hahabba. How did i know this would happen. How mamy times do i have to go down more than -10k just to come back to even and go back down again to -10k. Did it twice already, is this a 3rd time? Anybody else wouldve jumped off a bridge by now. This is why im the best. No matter the adversity, i cant be broken

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Yep, you're the best. Don't ever change.

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Quote: MrV

Which leads to the question: why does anyone really care about ZK's little drama / hissy fits?

Variance happens.

I guess we can't resist rubbernecking a fiery roadside distraction.

I just got back from a week's vacation at the beach and instead of reading the paperback I had packed, I ended up binge-reading this thread. This leads me to think that there may be an AP play here (i.e., a way of turning a profit from the otherwise neg EV activity of trying to provide advice and solace to ZK). The folks at both Netflix and Amazon are throwing big $$ at anyone who comes up with a good concept for a new series or movie. I'm thinking this thread has the core of a good show.

The Pitch: young guy living in folks basement makes a few bucks gambling on-line and decides to head to Vegas. Along the way he makes contact with a bunch of quirky but lovable (?) pros who offer to show him the ropes.

Obviously some aspects of the story will need some tweaks. For one, the Zen King character will need to be made much more sympathetic and likable. Otherwise it's a sure hit. Plus it fills a gap in the type of Vegas-themed TV shows made so far. None are from the p.o.v of the gamblers. It always the cops or the casino owners.

I'm thinking its an easy sell and you guys should start thinking about who should play each of you in the show. I haven't met anyone in person which makes it hard to cast but I'm thinking that maybe William Dafoe, Danny DeVito, or Christopher Walken might not be too far off the mark for some of the parts.
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I'd start the series with a forty year old guy working a menial job at CinnaBon and then go into flashback mode. Each episode could have two or three time frames in it.
We'd meet the twenty five year old, the 28year old, the thirty three year old, ect, ect. Maybe a crossover with Preacher as he tries to remove the curse.
It's what you do and not what you say If you're not part of the future then get out of the way
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Quote: TumblingBones

I'm thinking its an easy sell and you guys should start thinking about who should play each of you in the show. I haven't met anyone in person which makes it hard to cast but I'm thinking that maybe William Dafoe, Danny DeVito, or Christopher Walken might not be too far off the mark for some of the parts.

Can my part be played by Michelle Pfeiffer? We'd need to emphasise in the script that a key part of my character involves being nearly naked. We can gloss over the gender difference. Age is similar and she has better make-up team than I do.
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I think the movie goes straight to streaming. Rotten Tomatoes will give it a 20%. Or less.

Giovanni Ribisi plays Mark Frissora, CEO of Caesars Entertainment.
Ken Jeong plays "Guy Lo", the comedic president of the Chinese card making factory.
Steve Buscemi plays "Tony Burducci" the Director of Table Games at Bellagio
ZenKing played of course by Jonah Hill. We'll name is character "Leo" with a nickname of "Lucky"
We'll throw in Hayden Panettiere as Leo's love interest.

Movie starts with a scene in the CEO's office. There is a board meeting where Giovanni is asking his VP of operations why his casino numbers are down. The room points at the numbers, "well, we're getting killed in Blackjack and counters. They are just too good to detect and they are taking away our profits. We've introduced 6:5 blackjack through the strip and that's helped a little bit."

"Can't you detect the counters?"
"No, sir, we can't. They are too hard to detect."
"Dammit with all of this technology and security are you telling me that they are too smart for us?!!"
"Yes sir."
"Well what are we going to do about it?"
"Well sir we could go to even-money blackjack?"
"Even money! That's not even blackjack!!!"
"I know, but no one seems to care about 6:5 except for the counters, who are just killing us. Killing us?"
"Well what are we going to do?"
"Well I have an idea..."

Then there's a scene with counting teams in Blackjack in expensive homes smoking weed and living the highlife with young women in an expensive home. There's a cameo by Phil Ivey and members of the old MIT blackjack team. They're doing accounting and figuring out that they won 7 million off of Caesars this year playing Blackjack. They talk about their methods and how they count which of course gives the audience what how they play. Cut to scenes of them on the casino floor, in disguise, in teams, counting cards, etc, similar to what you would have seen in 21.

Cut to a phone call between the CEO of Caesars and Guy Lo, a card maker in Nanjing, China. He goes out to the floor, writes up an order, and is seen in the next few minutes barking out orders to the manufacturing floor. A young teenager rolls his eyes mysteriously as he opens a deck of cards and looks for something and shuffles the deck before putting it back in to the box (of course I know that's not how it's done. It's a dramatization).

Cut back to the CEO calling the American manufacturer of his cards and says "sorry, we don't require your services any more". Cut to a Tweet of Donald Trump stating "Caesars offshores its playing cards to China. Frissora is no patriot. He will be deported! Sad."

Cut back to the casinos a few weeks later. It shows the dealers at Bellagio, Caesars, Harrahs and the Linq being instructed on new card procedures... "You are not to look at the cards. Just face down, straight into the shufflers".

Meanwhile the counting team arrives at Caesars and are taken aback by their ability not to win anymore. Getting more desparate, they get detected as counters and get trespassed throughout Vegas.

"I can't figure out what happened! We played correctly. How could we have run into this bad luck?"
"Oh well, we'll never know. I guess we better pack up and go back to our day jobs as IT engineers at Lochheed..."

Cut to a quiet day on the east side of the United States. You see Leo in a PA casino, by himself, counting away, enjoy some success as his pile of chips grows from 1,000 to 5,000. He ends his day, gets in his 2009 grey Toyota Corolla, and heads to the local Applebys for a steak dinner with a friend. He talks about his plans during dinner and how superior he is at counting cards, and details him about his boring life in PA. The friend takes out his wallet, but Leo's got it. "Wait," his friend says, "You didn't leave a tip". "Oh", said Leo, "I don't believe in tipping. It's a sham. Employers should pay them more."


That's all I have so far.

I envision a scene where ZK takes out all of the money and puts it in his shoes and drives across America in with the cash in his shoes. He gets pulled over in Texas of course for a "broken taillight" and the police ask to search his car. He refuses and he gets taken to a holding cell where they take his car apart. But they never search his shoes, and he leaves a day later, paranoia intact, with the sweaty money in his shoes.

There has to be a scene where ZK finds a place, buys groceries, and cooks for himself.

It's a start.
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