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REKO (Really Easy KO) is a very viable count to use even for many of the BJ games of today. Google search it. REKO websites offer guides to spread and when to bet for 8-deck games. REKO I believe is a good fit for a recreational player. Despite that, and its ease of use on par with something like Ace-5 but much easier than HiLo, computer simulations have proved that it is on par with HiLo especially for average penetration shoe games. My belief is that shoe games should be Wonged in and out of if possible. One can always pursue harder tasks (count systems) at a later time in my opinion. I believe first and formost that we have to keep our interest in the game.
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Thanks again for the advice and time you give everybody on here. I've been combining steps 1-3 recently as well as having the tv or music on. Canceling is the key for me. My eyes are already scanning over cards that cancel and neutral cards. I still need to get to that "natural" level of counting though. Basic strategy became natural to me a while back (thanks to the Wizard's trainers).

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