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If by 'best' way you mean longest playing time, then yes, flat betting will yield the lowest average bet and least negative EV.

However, before I tried my hand at counting, I often varied my bet, as do most 'ploppies'. If I won a few in a row, I'd throw more money out, which is a ton of fun at $5-$10. Who knows, I might have unknowingly ramped up on a good count.
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Quote: FleaStiff

Yes and No.

Yes,,, which is why the green eye shade types and math gurus all say "take ONE big bet" and then walk away, because the "edge" is always going to be against you each and every time.

NO, because not all rainstorms will soak you thru and thru, some are enjoyable if you have enjoyable companions, some are fun if the people at the table cheer for you.... and this next card might be an ace.

risk of ruin is the mathematical term usually expressed as having only a ten percent change of being taken to the cleaners, but its also a way of thinking as "having a sufficient bankroll to have given yourself a fair shake at the game" to compensate for the normal and customary variance that you are likely to be facing.

I like that post, I think I'll read it again, and I'll think about the various implications.
Thx Flea
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