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I use a more advanced count and swear by it. My playing decisions in real time at the tables are nearly as accurate as if you were punching it into a combinatorial analysis program. I enjoy the precision and besides that you need every little sliver of what you can get... there is only the tiniest bit of an edge for an AP that is strictly counting to begin with. It's been said (by Zender, I think) that for your typical Hi-Lo counter to be any threat to the casino, they need to be using at least a 1-12 spread, so if you wong in TC+2 or more flat betting over a long enough period of time you'll make enough to buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Why is this? When the count is high enough you want more money out there for those serious EV doubles and snappers, so I hope this is all just a curious theorization rather than anyone thinking you're going to fare all that well flat betting no matter what the PE or how advanced your counting method is.

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Quote: anonimuss

That's interesting. Maxim in Vegas years ago had a single deck game with good rules plus late surrender. It was slightly positive off the top and it was pre Rule of Six days so depending on the dealer they went well beyond 50% pen once in a while. They ran out of cards twice one night when I was playing there. There was another casino out near Henderson that had a game that I believe was slightly positive off the top also. There was an airplane hanging from the ceiling in one of the restaurants and it was a nice, good sized place but I just can't remember the name. One table, a card counter at every seat every time I was there. I walked in there one day and there were two guys from my home area on the game.

You could jump from table minimum to table maximum. We may have crossed paths.
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