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Quote: mycran

. Not sure what the cancellation method is.

If you don't count by using the cancellation method, then this is going to be a eurika moment! This is where cards or groups of cards cancel each other out so you don' t really have to count them. For example you would count a 5, 10 as zero instead of plus 1, minus 1. If one hand is 4,5 and the next hand is 10, 10, then you count all four cards together as zero, etc, etc.
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Quote: mycran

I am using the red 7 or the OPP count both unbalanced. The OPP count ( from Arnold Snyders site) is easier for me to keep,as you only count the small cards but then subtract the number of hands,hence the problem of split hands and someone playing 2 or 3 hands. Not sure what the cancellation method is. As far as seat position goes I have not thought about it and just take one that is open. Would 1st or 3rd be better?

Do yourself a favor and forget the OPP count. It and it's twin the Speed Count are just too weak. Red 7 is fine but if you don't like counting only two of the sevens take a look at KO. They perform the same.

Since you are new to counting keep your options open and take a look at Hi-Lo to familiarize yourself with a balanced count. Do you own any of Arnold's books? While I don't recommend the OPP count I will say that the Zen counts, balanced or unbalanced, are everything you'll ever need. This is a long way down the road for you and should not be attempted until you can do the other counts in your sleep and are proficient at every other aspect of counting.

Seat position in shoe games will not increase your win rate as it may in pitch games but some find that sitting at or near third base gives them a little more time to count and make playing decisions.
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