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Any news?
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I played maybe 3000 hands on Sat. and I'm up enough where I won't ever be behind by 10,000 hands playing the same method.
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Quote: darkoz

The computer sim is too long and the live challenge too short to get meaningful results so...

Maybe the simplest solution is to combine the two challenges.

If you can beat the computer simulation, then you must further prove your system works in a live casino.

I would think if someone did beat the computer sim, then there would be the wish to see it work in reality. And this would prohibit someone from creating a system that exploits the challenge but still cannot beat the casino over time.

And Mr. Bluejay would not have to spend an entire month in a casino for a measly grand.

Excellent compromise.
Since many, many players do not "see" or believe that computer simulations can show actual real world results, because seeing "is" believing, a computer and casino challenge win would be the ultimate testament to one's claim.
I second darkoz's idea.
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And if I am allowed more than one vote, then I third it.
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I know this was posted more than a year ago, but I need to ask you some questions:

1) Has this offer expired?

2) What's the max number of spins that I can sit out to wait for a certain condition?

3) Is it acceptable to switch games at any given time?
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September 23rd, 2014 at 8:17:33 AM permalink
Okay, given the lack of interest, let me revive the $1000 reward to anyone who can exploit the new rules.
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Quote: MichaelBluejay

Okay, given the lack of interest, let me revive the $1000 reward to anyone who can exploit the new rules.


I read your website years ago. I haven't recently.

Also, I haven't read this whole post - I read the first page and the last page.

You are offering $1000 if someone can come up with a betting system that will last for 200,000 turns, correct?

What is the starting bank roll?

What is the cost to the applicant?

Will you sign a NDA to not reveal the money management program?
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I'm sorry, I revived the wrong thread. I'll reply in the proper thread.
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January 14th, 2017 at 4:49:01 AM permalink
Ill take up your challenge. $5000. Any casino on the east coast.
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February 15th, 2017 at 12:38:08 PM permalink
I'm not convinced that all betting systems are worthless and think that Bluejay is taking a big risk. I recently collaborated with Dr. Ilya Bluskov of the University of Vancouver and was able to show that using two of his lottery wheels in two actual state lotteries was able to increase the player's expected return by 2%. A lottery wheel is purely a betting strategy.

I suspect that if anyone wins or even accepts his challenge he will not admit it. I recently submitted the following betting system to him and he responded with contempt. It may be trivial but obviously it will work.

1. Establish a line of credit at a casino. I once was offered unlimited credit at the Las Vegas Sands.

2. Play the table limit for a very short time. Either you will end up way ahead or way in the hole.

3. If you win, take the money and stop playing.

4. If you lose, don't pay up.

No, they don't send a hit man to rough you up. Perhaps when the mob owned Vegas but not any more. Gambling debts are not enforceable in the courts.

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