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I couldn't calculate the numbers directly after 1050 - it seems that 0.492951051 exceeds the smallest possible positive value for a floating-point number in Visual Studio - but I did do a simulation of 250,000 sets of 32,000 bets, and got about a 3.65% chance of being ahead after 16,000 bets and 0.58% after 32,000.

Note that this does not take into account the possibility that your bankroll will run out before you reach 16,000 (or 32,000) bets. With infinite time and bankroll, every system that has the possibility of making money "works"...and I do mean infinite; I have run simulations where it took millions of years in order for a D'Alembert system on a 50-50 bet (i.e. house edge = zero) to make a profit.

So ya saying there is a chance?????

Yes. There's also a "chance" that you will win 16,000 bets in a row. Not a very likely one, mind you, but it's greater than zero.

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