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One of those guys who never shook it off was a co-worker at AT&T.
Tom Shanaman. Great guy to have on evening shift. Could never put his mind in neutral. After things cooled down around 8 pm, we would let Tom work on an incoming or open tickets. If he got caught up, he would open up a crossword puzzle book. His was only of 3 men in his platoon to come back from Vietnam.
He had 17 years in, 3 to go till retirement. Then we lost evening shift, and moved to another testing center in Denver.

Last time I spoke to him in a hallway, he said he had 153 days to go. He put a bullet in his brain before he made it to double digits. I am a Vietnam era vet and remember all that bullshit that if Saigon fell, Trenton, NJ would soon fall per the domino theory.

Sorta like the parades US troops would receive in Iraq and how the oil revenues would repay us. On Sunday mornings, I watch Meet the Press and other news shows. But change the channel, when they start to scroll the pix and info about the brave young men that died the current week.

End of rant. Tom had chosen this song for his funeral.
Shed not for her the bitter tear Nor give the heart to vain regret Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that filled it Sparkles yet
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Quote: yourfriendjim

I did not speak of these things for 22yrs

Thank you for your service, Jim.

I hope it helps to speak of it now. This is totally normal for combat veterans. I can understand it; it's not just having to re-live something like that, it's the feeling that people couldn't possibly understand what you went through too.

My Dad wouldn't talk about what he went through. He served in France in WW2. At one point he was connected to medical services. He never told me this, but told my Mother [who told me] that he dealt alright with the wounded, dead, and dying soldiers to some degree, but what really got to him was the children [civilians] who got brought in.

Just an example. Later he would talk about some things, but never stuff like that.
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Noticed tonight the big Western sign still lit up at night.
Bingo underneath also lit up.
I like that. Played BJ there back in the day.
"Everybody's bragging and drinking that wine, I can tell the Queen of Diamonds by the way she shines, Come to Daddy on an inside straight, I got no chance of losing this time" -Grateful Dead- "Loser"
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Quote: terapined

Noticed tonight the big Western sign still lit up at night.
Bingo underneath also lit up.
I like that. Played BJ there back in the day.

Siegel Slots and Suites casino, formerly the Barcelona, is currently the biggest dive in the greater Vegas area. Worse than Wild Wild West and Jerry's Nugget put together. When it was known as the Barcalona they had a sign on their front door that included: "No Du-Rags."

The Western was pretty bad. But in a mailer they did give me a dinner comp for two, free t-shirt and a $5 match play (which I won). This was a couple of years ago. I didn't enjoy the Mexican dinner because I was wondering if it might make me sick. It didn't though. As I'm eating a guy was saying in a loud, hostile voice from the coffee shop entrance how he wants his order prepared--directing his comments back to the kitchen. For some reason I have a memory of him not wearing a shirt. That just couldn't be true. The table and chairs in the coffee shop looked like something you'd pick up at a garage sale--forty years ago. Metal stack chairs covered in vinyl for easy cleaning. The walk from the casino to your car was filled with hope and optimism. At night, multiply the negatives by 2. The motel was already closed. Staying in one of those rooms would have been depressing with a chair propped against the door. Guy disappeared one night on his way to the ice machine. Didn't really happen, but I can imagine the headline.
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December 6th, 2016 at 6:18:58 AM permalink
Old thread of a place that still has good memories for some of us. Anyways, just wanted to post that "Motley Brews" is using the Western for the "Great Vegas Festival of Beer" VIP area on April 7th & 8th. Those who purchase the VIP tickets get special tastings and private restrooms in the old Western.

Probably the only this place ever had "VIP's" in it.

By the way this is always a good fest with opportunities to sample beers from over 50 breweries including most of the LV locals and top breweries from the west. If your new to craft beer and want to spend a Saturday afternoon downtown, this is a good choice.

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