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Quote: darkoz

It was a regular section but it was a $5 machine. I was doing max pull for $25.

I've seen 25c machines with a max bet of $75.

This is not how I want to spin off my freeplay. Variance is too high; I'd prefer to get a few decent hits out of it and at least make par.
(These are typically multi-denom; 300 coin max bet. I like 'em just fine on pennies or nickels, but dimes and quarters is too much for my meager freeplay offer.)

I haven't been impressed with any of the high-denom slots I've seen. The swings just look too big.
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Quote: darkoz

So, for the first time, I felt I might have some fun playing high denom slots. I'm talking $25 a pull.

Within fifteen minutes, I hit a decent win. $1300. Wasn't up much because of the losses but...

Waited 25 minutes to hunt down a slot tech and get paid.

Went back to playing and within ten minutes hit another jackpot for $1460.

Waited another half-hour hunting down a slot tech and getting paid.

Total profit, less than $300 from what I put in.

Total time at the machine, an hour. Total time playing, less than half an hour.

This is fun? How can waiting for slot techs over and over be fun. I went back to my penny slots after that.

Yeah, not my general experience: actually not my experience at all. The local casino I play at arrive at my machine within a minute after hitting a jackpot, and then after providing my information unlock the machine to continue play while awaiting payout if I should so desire.
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The $5 Wheel of Fortune machines at Borgata rule, though. You have a choice of 1 line x 2 credits ($10 bet), or 5 lines at 1 credit each ($25 bet).

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