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Quote: ten2win

We stopped in today after a stop at Red Rocks Casino(which was very nice BTW).

Super dark and stuffy. I had the "bearded clam" and got it in one of the Tiki Mugs(drink + mug = $25)

We played 7/5 BP for 5 quarters, my wife had comped Ballast Point IPA's, I had the one drink and was done��!

Was your mug the same FrankenStein mug that blount2000 posted on his recent trip report?
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Perhaps the darkest bar I have ever been in. Axel described it perfectly. And then when you leave it seems so bright out.
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No, I did see that one of about the 10 or so offered.

My choice was a bamboo textured totem type. The wife liked that one the best.

It was one of the newer selections like FrankenStein.

I christened it with my drink and she boxed/bagged it for the trip home.
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