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Quote: tringlomane

This is way more likely than the most outlandish claim he's ever made on the forum. He once claimed he lost about 75% of all VP hands over 300,000 hands. I did the math on the odds as Vman96. I even typed it out in non-scientific notation so those can see how crazy it looks.


FORTUNATELY, he has scaled back on claims like this for now. But another member on the forum who I actually met often attacks and criticizes this guy usually without a good reason. And this particular member claims on the forum he wins in about 80% of his sessions. When I met him...I watched him play 96.2% Bonus Deuces at Hollywood STL at $12.50 a whack. I would love to know his "winning secret" because it sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

Yeah, we've all had ridiculous runs of wins or losses at some point when it comes to VP and the losing ones always seem worse then they really are. But in that game (EDF), you just cannot "forget" the times your dealt trips, as it activates the Frenzy mode.
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I read through that whole thread. What a ridiculous assertion, with nothing to back it up. There is no way he tracked the result of every hand for 300,000 hands.

I think he was using some version of net cash after play divided cash at start of play, or something like that.

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